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Hiring Bali driver guide Bali day tour

hiring bali driver guide

Hiring Bali driver guide Bali day tour

Hiring Bali driver guide Bali day tour is very important to do for a first timer in Bali. Bali is a small island with a lot of beautiful places to see such as temples, beaches, volcano and so many more. To explore about bali, maybe 7 days holiday is good enough considering the time and distance. One of the highlight tours in Bali is full day Ubud Tour. Full day Ubud tour is a day tour which will start in the morning to see Balinese traditional Barong and keris dance. This dance is telling the people about the fighting story between Dharma (good) against Adharma (bad). The show will be one hours and the guests have their chance to take picture with the dancer.
After that, the tour will be continued to the next destinations such us: art villages, temples, water fall, rice terraces and monkey forest. In this tour, the guests can make some requests about the places that they decide to see or to skip it depend on their liking to make the trip more enjoyable one. For the price of this tour is 500k/car. Here with online bali driver we offer a private car, English speaking driver, petrol, parking fee is included with the price. Hiring bali driver guide bali day tour can be a bit challenging because you need to find the right company to go with since in Bali there are a lot of drivers who offer a tour service but not all of them able to speak good English to explain about the places during the tour or can be a good partner to communicate with, that is why we are online bali driver team provides the drivers for you to go with good English and recommended at trip advisor.
However there are some or view things that you need to aware about during your stay in Bali. For the example change your money at some money changers. Is always good idea to change money at authorize money changer which is available at many places in Bali. There are some cases that people lost their money after they change their money at the small money changer with bigger rate. So please always be careful about it and hope you enjoy your holiday in the island of paradise Bali. for more information about tours, Bali adventures, Bali activities, may visit our website: www.onlinebalidriver.comĀ