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Private Bali Transportation Service

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Private Bali Transportation Service



Bali is a perfect place to spend our holiday with a lot of pleasures. We can swim in its beautiful beaches, eat delicious seafood, or visit some ancient ruins. We can also purchase a wide variety of souvenirs started from accessories to snacks. In order to get a full experience in Bali, most tourists will prefer to have private Bali transportation service. It will ease them in traveling the city. Do you want to use this service as well? Before you do that, there are several things you must consider first.


  1. Self-Driving or Hiring a Driver

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to drive the car on your own or hire a driver. If you are confident in driving the car by yourself, then you can go ahead. But, if you are not familiar with the routes in Bali, then we suggest you to take a driver with you. Hiring a driver will be helpful a lot since they are from local people and know all routes in Bali. Thus, they can take you to your destination at ease.


  1. International Driving License

Do you prefer to drive the rented car on your own? There is no problem with it, but make sure to bring your international driving license with you. In Bali, there are a lot of police officers patroling on the road. If they catch you driving without license, you will have to go through a few process, which you do not want to deal with for sure. Also, please keep in mind that the officer may ask you for some money to accelerate the process.


  1. Driver’s License As Tour Guide

If you choose to have a driver with you instead, then it is better to hire the one who has a tour guide license. A driver who can work as a tour guide will come in handy for your travel in Bali. Besides taking you to travel the city, they have qualification to explain things about Bali to you. Not to mention, their English-speaking ability will ease you to understand their sayings.


  1. The Price

Before you book any private Bali transportation service, you have to check on the price first. Usually, every car rental company will offer several packages. Each package has different prices. They also have special packages which already include the destinations you are going to visit. And, they have different costs as well. What you need to do here is to pick the one that fits your budget. Alternatively, you can collect some car rentals, compare the price (and services too), and select the most suitable one to you.


  1. The Car Condition

The car condition is another thing you must not forget. There is a possibility that you might end up with a car in bad conditions like less gasoline, dirty interior, or broken AC. To avoid those issues, you can request the company to test the car first. That way will determine whether the vehicle is comfortable enough for you or not.


That’s all you need to consider in booking private Bali transportation service. Checking these all things will ensure you to have a fun ride during in the paradise island.