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Cost of taxi or driver hire in bali

Cost of taxi or driver hire in bali

bali driver hire Many people are wondering about the price or cost of taxi or driver hire in bali specially for tourists that first time visiting this island. There are lot of taxi companies  and private car or drivers that you can choose when you arrive in Bali. For conventional taxi such as blue bird, jimbaran taxi,wahana taxi and the rest, they can charge by meter and good to go with them for short distance because you will need to pay around IRD 7.500/kilometer with blue bird. It will be cheap for close distance such as in kuta are.

People or tourists normally like to see or explore about bali island because there are so many beautiful places to see and explore such as temples, beaches,villages,water falls and many more. For this activities than you will not only need to know the cost of taxi or driver hire in bali, but you need to find the right driver that knows or speaks good english or your language,knows places or can organize your sightseeing tours with the history of places during the trip. For the price is mostly IRD 500.000/car (car,petrol,parking fee,english speaking driver). This price can be a bit more or less depending on distance but for sure it will be much cheaper than normal taxi. 

Most popular sightseeing trip is Ubud trip because in this trip people will see Traditional barong and keris dance which is one of famous dance to see in bali and telling the story of fighting between good and bad spirit. Then continue with art villages where people can see what balinese do related with art such as Batik processing, silver smith, wood carving and etc. After that continue with visiting Batuan temple, is one of village temple with beautiful Balinese sculpture. Trip will be continued with rice terraces, then Ubud palace and market and also monkey forest. These are all people can see in a day.

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  1. Leonard Wanigasooriya

    Hi, we will be in Bali from the 9th till the 14th July.

    Would like to know how much a driver will cost for the day (7 seater)? may need the driver for 3 days or 4 days but will decide on each day depending our itineraries. Please let me know asap. May need to have the driver for 1/2day as two couples will land at airport at different times (14:00 and 18:30) and taken to Belalang, Kediri.




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